Week 3 – Tuesday

Sorry for the delay in posting. Tuesday was a busy day on site and we didn’t get around to writing it up until today.

The main event on Tuesday was the completion of James G, Kimberley and Ollie’s big slot through what has now proved to be a large and deep medieval ditch, rather than a holloway. Finds were few but we encountered our old friend the ceramic field drain.

Elsewhere the day began with some heroic mattocking and shoveling by Andy, James SA, Jess and Flora. All of this effort went into removing part of a 30cm thick layer. This layer is very red (due to iron staining) and quite tough, it’s been known on site as ‘crunchy red’ (or context 105) for most of the past week. The big medieval ditch cuts this deposit, so the ditch must be later. This was confirmed by the recovery of two pieces of Roman pottery and some prehistoric flints from the crunchy red. Rather excitingly an even earlier deposit (context 123) has been identified BELOW the crunchy red… who knows where all this might end?

Trench A saw Pete M’s splodge turn in to a rather dramatic medieval pit with quite a lots of finds. Mainly pottery but also some animal bone. Hayley and Chris had a lot of fun planning this feature in the afternoon!


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