November Update

It’s been a while since we posted. Partly this is a consequence of other commitments, in particular the start of the new academic year.

The project is progressing along at a nice pace. A pottery report on the 2013 season has been completed and Andy is busy working on the plans from the 2013 excavation too. All this effort means that pretty soon James will start having to write it up in earnest.

Post-excavation analysis of the 2014 work has been ongoing too. The stone objects have been sent to Dr Kevin Hayward for analysis and the lithics to Dr Rob Young. Reports from both specialists are eagerly awaited. James also wrote a short report on the excavations for the Medieval Settlement Research Group.

Meanwhile James popped down to Somerset recently and spoke at SSARGs Cadbury Day. It’s hoped that we might make some more formal connections with the Tintinhull Landscape Archaeology Project being mentored by Dr John Davey (Exeter).

Finally, Andy and James had a meeting recently about planing 2015’s expedition…

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