We Plough On!

Today started much like yesterday had finished – arriving on site we returned to the features we were working on yesterday.

Hayley and Josh finished their feature (a ditch that might define one side of a trackway visible on the geophysics) and prepped it for photographing, Zara and Ellie joined in when the section and plan was drawn. James H and Holly-Ann finished removing the layer at the northern end of the trench, the area was then trowelled back to reveal any underlying features. Meanwhile Holly-Ann moved to help Chris in excavating a ditch further north – hoping to gain more dating evidence for the feature.

After finding the impressive Millstone yesterday Ellie and Zara pressed on and continued to excavate Andy’s ditch. Elliot and James H were then tasked with removing the fill from a ditch that is part of the many complex stratigraphic features at the Northern end of the trench.

The afternoon saw some finds being unearthed, Brian found a piece of worked flint. Having moved to a feature revealed in yesterdays trowelling, Hayley and Josh found some bone, flint and pottery after chipping away only a few centimetres of the fill. The slot of the Post-Medieval ditch Douglas and Sue were working on had been finished, and, with Andy’s guidance, they filled in the paperwork for the feature.


Today seemed to take a lot out of the team, I think we’re due an early night in anticipation for a hard day tomorrow. It would seem our luck may have run out with rain forecast for tomorrow but we can handle it!

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