Everything’s dug and recorded!

Yesterday saw the last bits of digging and recording on site. James, Josh, Elliott, Douglas and Andy dug a bit more of the post-medieval ditch in the hope of finding some artefacts that would allow us to date the feature more precisely. Alas, a whole load of digging produced nothing.

Elsewhere the southernmost ditches were recorded. Acres of clay were trowelled to a gleaming standard of cleanliness and photographed. Then the grid was pulled up, the tent taken down and we adjourned to the Mason’s Arms and the Prince of Wales.

Andy retired to the comforts of civilisation while the rest of the team contemplated life in the real world. Most seem to have preferred ‘barnlife’.

Today we’ve been tidying up camp and returning tools and soil samples to SSARG. Later we’ll be heading into Dorchester  where James will be giving a talk.

Elliott, Ellie, Samara and Zara have already left. The rest of the team will be leaving tomorrow for the start of term on Monday!

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