The rain that raineth

The first day on site was characterised by our intrepid team of diggers struggling against the elements.

Before anything started James G was interviewed by Claire Carter of BBC Radio Somerset. This was picked up people far and wide including a colleague who teaches at the University of Florida!

After arriving on site, Andy and James laid out Trench A, in preparation for the topsoil to be machined off tomorrow.

The team was joined today by our friendly neighbourhood metal detectorist, Ski (acting under a Section 42 license) who scanned the top of Trench A.

It didn’t take long for Ski to unearth a Constantinian coin from the early to mid 4th Century – a promising start to the excavation!

While Ski scanned the trench, the rest of the team were split up and dug out some test pits.

Unfortunately, the weather had conspired to make our first day of work slightly harder by unleashing more rain during our working day than in the entire month of July! We also had trouble with a delivery, which couldn’t make it to us because of a gas leak.

We soldiered on, despite the difficult conditions and got a good day’s work done.

The team arrived home with muddy boots (see below) and a hearty meal of cheesy pasta prepared by Dan and Chris.

We’re all looking forward to opening our first trench tomorrow and getting to grips with a Roman Villa!


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