The Team is Assembled

Sunday was spent with Andy and James running around Yeovil collecting bits of equipment from various places. A big shopping trip to Asda, a search for a gas regulator, the purchase of 0.5acres of pony paddock seed and other sundry items took up quite a lot of time.

They also spent a bit of time fruitlessly dodging showers and the odd lightning storm in an attempt to lay out the trench with the GPS.


Meanwhile back at camp Josh set himself to work cleaning various bits of cooking equipment and extracting digging kit from storage in Maggie and Colin’s stable.

Over the course of the day the various member of our team assembled. Aneta (stage 1) flew into Bristol from Poland in the early hours and joined us in the late morning. James P (Stage 1) joined us from Middlesborough in the afternoon along with Meg (Stage 1). Chris, Dan, James I and Antonia found their way to Lufton by car about 5pm. Min is very excited and so is Woofton, the dig mascot.

So we’re all here. Cheesy pasta has been consumed and the team has been briefed. Now for a bit of relaxation before it gets very real and exciting tomorrow!


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