Walls and walls

Today started bright and early with the decision to remove the rubble from the western side of  the trench. Quite a lot of heavy digging ensued and we lifted a lot of rocks. Under these were a wall and what appears to be smashed roofing slates.


After lunch we removed the rubble from the eastern side of the trench. This revealed what appears  to be another wall on a different alignment.


What is puzzling us is that so far neither of these walls matches what we are expecting to find. Where is the octagonal bath? Perhaps tomorrow will reveal the bath to us but James and Andy both suspect that the trench may need to be extended.

We continue to find Roman pottery and animal bones.

Andy laid out our site grid and worked magic with the GPS. James showed Megan, James P and Anneta how to reduce levels.

We knocked off slightly early and went in search of a BBQ. Having bought one Dan and Chris, who spent the day working hard to tidy the campsite, then managed to put it together and light it. All good and, at the time of writing, the food is eagerly awaited by the team.


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