How to phrase search on PubMed

So, you know the title of an article, you want to search for it on PubMed, you paste in the title, put quote marks round it, maybe specify title field and then you find it? WRONG.

Incredibly, PubMed will not accept this. See information from PubMed here:

If your phrase isn’t a recognised concept in their arbitrary phrase index, you can’t search for it as a phrase. You’ll get a vague error message saying that part of the search was ignored.

To force the matter, you can use a proximity search with a proximity of zero, e.g. [ti:~0].

Furthermore, this can cause trouble when truncating. Suppose you’re searching “endometrial carcinoma*”[tw]

– this is fine, the visible phrase is recognised

You decide to truncate to include, say ‘endometrioid carcinoma’ too, so:

“endometr* carcinoma*”[tw]

NO GOOD! Despite this merely being an expansion of what you’ve just searched, it is not permitted on PubMed because it doesn’t recognise the phrase (due to the truncation).

Worse, you can’t use the Text Word field with proximity, so you can’t even do [tw: ~0]. You might consider [tiab:~0] EXCEPT you can’t use truncation with proximity either so that’s no good either.

In the end I think you’d just need to search for both phrases in full: “endometrial carcinoma*”[tw] OR “endometrioid carcinoma*”[tw]

But it’s a pretty unintuitive situation.