Polar GIS practicals

I thought I’d release some no-longer-used practical handouts from earlier iterations of   modules I have taught on for others to use for their own teaching or to gain inspiration from. They are mainly polar-flavoured GIS practicals that use a variety of different software, though most were developed for QGIS, using freely available open access data. Handouts are provided here ‘as-is’ in their original form (i.e. they have not been updated for later software versions, hyperlinks may be out of date, there will be references to other practicals, to lectures, modules etc. etc.) so may need some adaptation and tweaking before use.

Unless clearly stated, I haven’t provided the data required to implement these practical handouts. As such, you may need to seek out the data required yourself, although in many cases there should be a weblink provided in the handout, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

HEALTH WARNING: There is no guarantee that these practical handouts are free of scientific or technical error, so use them carefully! I suspect that most glaring errors have been ironed out, via testing through multiple years of teaching, but just let me know (neil.ross@ncl.ac.uk) if you spot mistakes or errors.

Feel free to use them as you see fit (i.e. in existing, or adapted form). All I ask is that you send me an email (neil.ross@ncl.ac.uk) to let me know that you have, so that I can get an idea of whether their release is useful. Feedback (good or bad) and the occasional query about the handouts also very welcome.

Finally, a huge thank you to all the researchers and data providers who have made their data freely available and accessible. This is no simple task. I know from experience that organising, restructuring and describing data for public release can be a difficult, onerous and time consuming task, so thank you to all those who have done this. Without access to the data, those of us who teach cannot come up with our ideas for practical classes and produce these handouts!

Practical 1 CPD_GigjokullPractical (data are available for download at: XXXX)