Strike solidarity statement

NU Women stands in solidarity with University and College Union members taking industrial action to defend our rights to secure contracts, equality at work, fair workloads, fair pay and a liveable pension. All of these issues affect women and other marginalised genders more than men, and intersect with other oppressive structures and relations.  

Much work has been done on equality, diversity and inclusion in HE in recent years, but this work often falls on the shoulders of women and other minoritised colleagues.   

A higher education landscape without women is one that is hugely diminished, and one that will struggle to uphold the value of the institution.  Striking can be seen as an act of care – care for the profession, care for one’s colleagues, care for students, and care for the future of Newcastle University.   

However one took part in strike action – on the picket, virtually, withholding labour quietly by baking/going for a walk/watching a film instead of doing marking and teaching prep – we stand united in care and compassion.  Together, we are stronger.  

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