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We are Sociology PhD students at Newcastle University in the UK. We are always amazed by the diversity of research interests and activities in our department. We think we should spend more time talking about and sharing them with each other. There is much more going on here than we could ever hope to capture!

This blog gives an insight into our subject area and provides a platform for our colleagues to share their work and ideas.

The editorial team

Angela Plessas is a third-year PhD student, and has been editing the blog since 2020. Angela is looking at polycystic ovary syndrome as a diagnostic category using documentary research methods.

Jake Pointer started his PhD in 2019, and joined the blog editing team in 2020. Jake is researching the experiences of migrant workers in industrial meat processing in the UK.

Natalie Partridge began her PhD in 2020 and joined the blog editing team that year. Natalie’s project explores the policy implications of synthetic biology’s applications in food and agriculture.

Adrienne Attorp is a final year PhD student (Sociology and Social Policy), researching agriculture policy and waterway management. She has been blog editor since 2018.

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