Wikimedia Commons. Catharine Trotter. Accessed 16/04/18.

Author Bio.

Catherine Trotter: a brief summary of her life, work, and legacy

What’s it all about?

A summary of the play, and a map of the characters showing how they are connected.

What A Fop!

Colley Cibber (who played Lorenzo): a short biography of his life.

‘Ex-Boyfriends are just off limits to friends!’

What Agnes de Castro and Mean Girls have in common, and why Constantia is a misfit in the world of tragedy.

Wikimedia Commons. Agnes De Castro.  Accessed on 16/04/18.


A closer look at the tragic genre and its use of metaphor, and a summary of and response to Isabel Pinto’s analysis of Agnes De Castro.

Trust Vs. Tragedy: #Girls Rule

An analysis of the two central female relationships, showing  how Trotter transforms Aphra Behn’s novella into a feminist play.

Girl Power – The Women of Agnes de Castro

The power imbalance and stereotypes in the play.

A Modern Adaptation of Agnes.

Taking Agnes de Castro into the 21st century: how feminism was totally around in Catherine Trotter’s time.

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