Welcome to the class blog for our ‘Shakespeare’s Showbusiness’ module. This blog is a way for you to record and share your study group tasks, and to reflect on what you’ve learned each week. Having to write regularly in a (relatively) public space like a university blog is a good way for you to practise your writing and for me to give you formative feedback ahead of your assessment submissions. It also allows you to take ownership over aspects of the course that interest you, and provides a different way for you to participate in group discussion. To see some examples from last year’s students, click on the ‘archive’ on the left hand side.

In the weekly exercises section of this website, you’ll find instructions for study group tasks for the blog, and when I expect each task to be completed. Instructions for writing, formatting, and adding links and media to your blog posts can be found in the ‘getting started’ page.

Finally, remember to read and comment on each other’s posts. There’ll be an opportunity at the start of each seminar to talk about discoveries from the blog, but you can decide how and when to participate. For example, a discussion during the seminar might inspire you to add a new comment to a previous blog post, or maybe you missed out on the seminar for a legitimate reason, and want to contribute by commenting on someone else’s post or even writing your own blog post about your independent reading.

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