SdM and SmallI’m (Dr.) Sylvia de Mars. I’m a transnational public law academic, which means I teach and write about things like EU law, comparative constitutional law, the implementation of supranational law into domestic law, and so on. This is a collection of places where you can find me, professionally, on the internet.

Work-related Social Media

Warning: also full of non-work content!

Twitter (largely unused now):

Mastodon (being tried now):

Work-related Websites

Newcastle University Staff Profile
My official business card.

NCL’s Constitutionalism and Governance Research Group
I co-convene this research group, and this blog records any public writing I do for work purposes.

Performing Identities
A research project I worked on between 2018 and 2021.

Sylvia @ Medium
When something current happens and I want to comment on it on more words than I can on Twitter/Mastodon, I usually go here.