Introduction: About this blog

Before I left Canada in 2013, I wrote a blog called ‘Health as if Everybody Counted’ for a provincially funded network called the Population Health Improvement Research Network.  (The blog is no longer online, but selected postings were revised for a book published by Canadian Scholars Press).  The blog’s title was inspired by the motto of Michael Connelly’s frequently insubordinate fictional homicide detective Harry Bosch: ‘Everybody counts or nobody counts’.  Now, I share Bosch’s insubordinate tendencies, but more importantly the egalitarianism of that credo seemed to me appropriate for a blog that focused on advances and setbacks in reducing health inequity.  It occurred to me around the end of the last decade that the time was right to resurrect that blog as a vehicle for commentary on these same issues many years on, and as a way of alerting interested people to new and exciting (or alarming) research findings and policy initiatives.  I hope it’s of interest.  I have now retired to the hilltop from which the sunset in the image header was viewed, but will continue posting.  All views expressed here are mine alone or those of authors cited or quoted.

Readers are likely also to be interested in a similar but more internationally oriented blog, Policies for Equitable Action to Health, which is run by Italian Member of the European Parliament Daniele Dionisio and sometimes kindly reposts my materials.

This work is licenced under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-Noderivatives 4.0 International licence.  Reproduction or reposting with appropriate credit is encouraged.