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Douglas Carswell (and His Face)

To celebrate finishing my MA Politics (Research) degree today I have collected a sample of pictures of Douglas Carswell MP with different looks on his face. Mr Carswell (who is an MP I admire for his independence and positions on the rights of Parliament and backbench MPs) left the Conservative Party yesterday and joined UKIP, mostly over the parties position on Europe, triggering a by-election in Clacton for later this year. This created a great deal of public comment online, on TV and on the radio from Conservative MPs talking about Europe and the UK-EU relationship. This, unhelpfully, took place the day before my dissertation was due in, already pretty much done. This was based on, er, the public comment of Conservative MPs in relation to European integration. Thanks Doug.

I have  inserted an ‘odd-one-out’ into the line up. See if you can get it. Answers on a postcard.

Also check out this video on why you should come to Newcastle University to study politics. It’s rather good.


DC 1


DC 4





DC 3

About Me

My name is Tristan Martin, and I am a MA Research student in Politics at Newcastle University. I am in the first year of a 1+3 research scholarship, eventually starting a PhD next year. The aim of this blog is to give my perspectives and insights on the process of working through a Research masters in Politics. I will be updating this blog at least once a month, more often if I can. Hopefully I will be able to share some useful experiences to those considering going into PG research in Politics here at Newcastle.

I am also the PGT School Representative for the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, as well as being a PG Ambassador (the main reason for this blog). Additionally, I am a graduate member of the UK Political Studies Associaton.

A small biography of me: I am 25, born in Sussex (South East of England) but have spent most of my formative years growing up in York, North Yorkshire (North of England). I did my BA in History at the University of Sussex, Brighton. I also hold an MA in Politics from the University of Leeds, West Yorkshire. My research interests focus on the ideological divisions within the Conservative Party around European integration, and to what extent pressure from UKIP and coalition government with the Liberal Democrats are distorting, changing and intensifying these divisions. I am also interested more generally in the Conservative Party, British politics, political parties and the European Union.

Check out my Twitter page for tweets on British politics and the EU. Please check back here soon for more updates.

You can also read the Q&A style profile I did for the Politics section of the Newcastle University website here.

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