Location: Boardroom 10.01, 10th Floor, Henry Daysh Building, Newcastle University campus (and online via Zoom)

(Please note: abstracts, handouts and slides are only available until early December 2023. Please email speakers for these documents after that time.)

Monday 26th June
9-9.30Welcome and Coffee
9.30-10.30Invited speaker: Paula Fenger (Leipzig)
Parametrizing the size of verbal domains across modules: the view from Japanese and Sinhala
Abstract Handout
10.30-11.30Lightning talks (10 minutes each, plus questions)

Matthew Tyler (Cambridge)
Which argument becomes the subject of an applicativised unaccusative? Prospects for a phase-based account
Abstract Handout

Yuji Shuhama (Keiwa College)
Adjunction and Interpretation of a Japanese Additive Particle -mo at the Phasal Spell-Out
Abstract Slides

Julie Goncharov and Gurmeet Kaur (Göttingen, online)
On Asp* in Hindi-Urdu
Abstract Handout
12.00-12.30Vean Al-Saka (Newcastle)
Aspect split phenomena beyond ergativity: a case study of Baritle Neo-Aramaic
Abstract Slides
12.30-1.00Emma Wing (UConn), Pavel Koval (UConn/NYU Abu Dhabi), Gerry T. M. Altmann (UConn)
An experimental study of the interaction between event structure, perfective aspect, and tense in English
Abstract Slides
2.00-3.00Invited speaker: Coppe van Urk (Queen Mary University of London)
The nonconcatenative domain in Western Nilotic verbs
Abstract Handout
3.00-3.30Asia Pietraszko (Rochester)
The clause internal phase in Bantu: evidence from syntactic opacity
Abstract Handout
4.00-4.30Emily Manetta (Vermont; online)
So long, long distance agreement: an alternative account
4.30-5.30Invited speaker: Sana Kidwai (Cambridge)
Investigating the v-related phase in Hindi-Urdu
Abstract Handout

Evening: Informal dinner at The Hancock, Hancock Street

Tuesday 27th June
9.00-10.00Invited speaker: Gillian Ramchand (Tromsø)
On the relationship between event structure and argument structure
10.00-10.30Johannes Mursell (Frankfurt, online)
vP as a phase – evidence from information structure
Abstract Slides
11.00-11.30Zhuosi Luo (Georgetown, online)
Contextual causee interpretation and LF phasehood: lessons from Teochew permissive bun-causative
Abstract Slides
11.30-12.30Invited speaker: Helen Koulidobrova (Central Connecticut State; online)
From argument ellipsis to sluicing and back again in American Sign Language
1.30-2.00Laura Grestenberger (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Phasehood and periphrasis: v or Asp?
Abstract Slides
2.00-2.30Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (National University of Singapore, online)
Learning the organization of the verbal phase in Philippine-type and Indonesian-type languages
Abstract Handout
3.00-3.30Txuss Martin, Edward Ruoyang Shin (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Parallel realities. The constitution of nominal and verbal domains
3.30-4.30Invited speaker: Stefan Keine (UCLA, online)
Successive Cyclicity and DP Intervention
4.30-5.00Discussion and close