HaHaHae by Paul Alan Barker

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HaHaHae is a celebration of human laughter commissioned by the Kyoto Centre for Arts. It reflects on the earliest documentation of laughter and in its finished form as an interactive website it is designed to encourage the viewer to consider their reaction and assumptions about the sound of laughter.

Paul Alan Barker, Professor of Music Theatre, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Paul Alan Barker has worked across orchestral music, chamber music, vocal and choral music in opera, dance, musicals, theatre, concerts and digital media. His extensive output across these genres has been performed and recorded internationally. Particular interests include the continuum between theatre and music, the human voice and the over-specialisation of education. His work has received awards and prizes internationally. Publications include Composing for Voice, now in its second edition for Routledge. He works as a composer, pianist, writer, vocal coach, conductor and theatre director.