5 Fab WDC Resources to See You Through the New Semester

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The new semester is fast approaching so we’ve compiled 5 resources to help you get back into the swing of things and support you throughout the next few weeks.  

  1. Getting Going Again 

It can be tricky to pick things back up after a break, particularly during troubled times like these. We originally wrote this blog post at Easter but it’s worth revisiting for our top tips on finding your way back into your studies. We also have a soundcloud version if you prefer audio:


  1. Creating structure and routine 

Getting back into routine can be one of the more challenging aspects of beginning of a new semester. Creating a sense of structure and establishing a realistic, healthy routine is trickier than ever right now. You may wish to start by reflecting on what worked best for you last semester, and what you feel you’d like to change. Check out our hints and tips in our blog post or listen to an audio version, if you prefer.

  1. Working in short bursts 

It can be tempting to want to hit the ground running at the start of a new semester. However, it’s often best to give yourself a gentle start to ease yourself back in rather than trying to do ALL OF THE THINGS AT ONCE. Indeed, working in short bursts can improve motivation, concentration and productivity in the long-term. Check out our guide from a previous blog post, or listen to us talk you through it!

  1. Active Independent Learning 

We know: it’s been all too easy to start out with the best intentions at the beginning of a study session then end up spending hours just staring at a screen and feeling like nothing’s really going in. Check out our guide to active independent learning to help ensure you’re studying as effectively as you can. 

  1. Dealing with overwhelm 

Deadlines. Additional reading. 5 lectures to watch. 3 seminars to attend. Discussion boards to contribute to. It can all feel a bit much sometimes, and that’s perfectly understandable. Our guide to dealing with overwhelm can help you take a breath and find your way forward. Also on Soundcloud:


Very best of luck for the new semester from all of us at the WDC. And remember, you can always book one of our online 1-1 tutorials if you’d like to review and discuss any aspect of your writing and study skills. Check out our website for more details    

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