Working to deferred deadlines this summer?

This academic year has certainly been unsettled and unpredictable, and this has impacted on the assessment deadlines that structure our work. If your deadlines have been deferred to accommodate the disruption, or if you have an extension to a piece of coursework, this has hopefully given you the breathing space you need to complete assignments to the best of your ability (which this year, might also mean ‘good enough’). But it may also mean that these assignments are overlapping with other things you need to do this summer such as dissertations, exams, or simply having a break. Here are five resources from the WDC which might help you manage them.

Need for speed?

Sometimes, you just need to write an assignment … fast. Check out our video on doing just that:

We also have an accompanying guide outlining the essentials to focus on when producing coursework fast – probably things you already know, but sometimes it helps to boil it down!

Need to stop procrastinating?

It’s never easy, but we have some suggestions to help identify what might be putting you off so that you can make progress. 

Need to get going?

Procrastination can creep in because getting started with writing can be tricky and seeing an assignment as whole can seem daunting. Write all day?! Write 2000 words?! Why not give yourself a gentler start with a smaller, more manageable target and build your work up gradually. Our 1-Hour Writing Challenge could be just the thing to help you make a start, get some words down, and build momentum. 

Need to concentrate?

We have a range of resources for you if you’re struggling to focus and would like to create a sense of structure

Need to know what to do today?

Sometimes *everything* seems urgent. But it isn’t. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out our short-term planning tool to help you set priorities when everything seems a bit much.  

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