Science Fiction and Fantasy

SF = science fiction

F = fantasy

The below list comprises a selection of SF and/or F magazines that accept submissions for original fiction (and, in most cases, re-prints of previously published stories). Some of them may also accept horror. The selection is deliberately focused on magazines that will pay the author upon publication.

Most magazines require the manuscript to follow the standard manuscript format (more info here: Please make sure to always read the respective submission guidelines of the magazine in question.

Currency listed is the USD, conversion into GBP in brackets.


~$100 (= ~£77) per story

~0.06-0.10 cents (= ~0.05-0.08p) per word (has a quarterly sister magazine focused on translated work) (may include a podcast) (flash fiction preferred) (also accepts flash fiction, first person only) (themed) (themed) (closed) (closed) (closed)



0.20 cents (0.15p) per word (shorter short stories preferred)

~0.06-0.10 cents (~0.05-0.08p) per word (includes podcast, sister to PodCastle) (also accepts non-fiction)



~$100 (= ~£77) per story, dependent on length

~0.06-0.10 cents (~0.05-0.08p) per word (no re-prints) (re-prints welcome, includes podcast, sister to EscapePod)

Misc (SF/F, interactive) (any genre, co-authoring, serialised) (any genre, flash fiction preferred, also accepts works in Spanish)


no payment