Newcastle City Dashboard launched

dashboard2-iconsWe are pleased to announce the beta release of the Science Central Urban Observatory Newcastle City Dashboard, mixing real-time sensor feeds from the Urban Observatory platform, public and social media feeds.  As always this is a work in progress so expect to see some more data streams soon.

The dashboard was developed by Massimo Strano, Neil Harris & Phil James and funded through an EPSRC grant to prototype a Long Term Urban Research Facility (LTURF) held by CESER director Richard Dawson.  The work is also being supported by the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (

The Urban Observatory now contains over 7 million observations and another 100 sensors are being deployed over the next few weeks.  In the next two years through the Univesrity’s Science Central programme, we have c. £500k to invest in sensor related infrastructure and hope to incorporate many existing, external sensor feeds within the observatory umbrella.

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