Class of 2021

Entries are listed alphabetically by surname.

Caddick, J. (2021). Scouse English: Trends in usage according to regional identity. English Language. Supervisor: Dr Hannah Leach.

Carr, K. (2021). A comparison of Paralell Optimality Theory, Lexical Phonology and Stratal optimality theory using evidence from affixation processes in Korean. Linguistics. Supervisor: Dr Gary Taylor-Raebel.

Day, N. (2021). The fight against Coronavirus: A longitudinal corpus-based analysis of the polarization and predictive grammatical frames of war metaphors used by Conservative and labour UK MPs between 1970-2020. .English Language. Supervisor: Prof. Karen Corrigan.

Elvin, K. (2021). “These students divvent sound like they’re from the North East!” The effects of geographical mobility on north eastern university students’ lingusitic choices. Linguistics. Supervisor: Prof. Karen Corrigan.

Harbord, J.A. (2021). The Scandinavian element in the Danelaw and beyond: A study of the distribution of loanwords in Late Modern English dialects. Linguistics. Supervisor: Dr Adam Mearns.

Harvey, F. (2021). The effect of novel linguistic mappings on inhibitory control. Linguistics. Supervisors: Dr Christine Cuskley and Dr Joel Wallenberg.

Kennedy, A. (2021). When men and mothers murder: A quantitative investigation into the portrayal of male and female perpetrators of intimate partner homicide in the UK press. English Language. Supervisor: Dr Christine Cuskley.

Lawson, G. (2021). Sound symbolism and gender in fragrance branding and marketing. English Language. Supervisor: Dr Christine Cuskley

Lee, D. (2021). Exemplary up until application: Evaluating language policy and the treatment and use of African languages in post-apartheid South Africa and the Irish language on the island of Ireland since the mid 1990s. English Langauge. Supervisor: Prof. Karen Corrigan.

Middleton, M. (2021). An investigation into expressive morphosyntactic development in children with Downs syndrome. English Language. Supervisors: Dr Rebecca Woods and Dr Cristina Dye.

Milligan, R. (2021). Fantasy or fiction? An evaluation of the linguistic representation of sex work in contemporary cinema and television.English Language. Supervisor: Dr Hannah Leach.

Walker, C. (2021). Gender-inclusivity in English pronoun selection by L1 English and Spanish speakers. Linguistics. Supervisor: Dr Lauren Ackerman.