Class of 2022

Papers are listed alphabetically by surname.

Gregory, G. (2022). Is Irish a museum language? An investigation into the success of ‘The 20 Year Strategy’ at rejuvenating the attitudes surrounding the Irish language in the east of the Republic of Ireland. English Language. Supervisors: Dr Heike Pichler and Prof. Karen Corrigan.

Hawkins, T. (2022). Interrogating ‘heuristics’: Compensatory strategies of aphasia and complex adaptive theory. Linguistics. Supervisors: Dr Johannes Heim and Dr Rory Turnbull.

Hide, A. (2022). Negative Polarity Item licensing and binding theory: An analysis of how negative constituents license negative polarity items. Linguistics. Supervisor: Dr Geoff Poole.

Jellicoe-Smith, L. (2022). Coronal underspecification and the underspecification of underlying forms in children with speech sound disorders. English Language. Supervisor: Dr Rory Turnbull.

Möller, S. (2022). A toponymical study of the Norwegian and Danish vikings in Lancashire. Linguistics. Supervisor: Dr Adam Mearns.

Murray, Elizabeth (2022). Speech, gesture, and aphasia: Towards a multimodal understanding of language evolution. Linguistics. Supervisor: Dr Christine Cuskley.

Murray, Eden E. (2022). An investigation into the male and female use of interruptions, overlaps, questions and alveolar flaps in Made in Chelsea. English Language. Supervisor: Dr Heike Pichler.

Roberts, A. (2022). Accents speak louder than words: Comparing the use of accents in Disney’s ‘The Lion King (1994) and ‘The Lion King’ (2019) [Extended Study]. Linguistics. Supervisor: Dr Heike Pichler.

Whitaker, E. (2022). Investigating the effect of frequency on the acquisition of superiority effects in multiple interrogatives using an agent-based model. Linguistics. Supervisors: Dr Christine Cuskley and Dr Johannes Heim.

Wright, M.A. (2022). The Old Norse influence on English, the ‘Viking Hypothesis’, and Middle English word order parallels with Icelandic. Linguistics. Supervisor: Dr William van der Wurff.