Teaching Tips from Psychology

The following recent publication from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology is freely available on the web under http://teachpsych.org/ebooks/teachingtips.
The e-book summarises educational research and teaching practice from a large number of mainly North American based conferences concerned with the teaching of psychology.
The ebook is a vast repository of teaching practice, helpfully ordered into different sections such as “Assessment”, “Critical Thinking” and various subfields of Psychology such as “Clinical Psychology“.
While the focus is clearly on Psychology, the teaching tips will also be of interest to educators from other fields. Topics such as “Online teaching” (p. 215 ff.), “Scholarship of Learning and Teaching” (p.429 ff.) or “Writing” (p.625 ff.) are clearly transferable and relevant to many of our teaching interests in the Faculty.

A second compendium, this one based on UK practice, focusses on the development of psychological literacy in various areas. The compendium consists of short case studies of practice (including one on peer-mentoring in Psychology at Newcastle, pp 49-51).

The case studies cover topics such as employability, peer-assisted learning and innovative assessment.

The compendium can be found here: http://eprints.bournemouth.ac.uk/22906/.
A lead article introducing the compendium was published in the Psychology Teaching Review (see reference below).

Patrick Rosenkranz, School of Psychology


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