Teaching Excellence Award nominations 2017


The TEAs are a chance for students to nominate members of staff who they think have been outstanding and helped improve their student experience here at Newcastle.

This year we have Faculty staff and PG students nominated in every category.  Congratulations to all that were nominated.  The results will be announced at the TEA ceremony on the 4th May.  Keep an eye on the TEA website to find out who gets shortlisted and the eventual winner.


Outstanding Contribution to Feedback

Dante Roel Fernandez ( NUMed)
Laura Delgaty ( SME)
Mary Cronin ( NUMed)
Melissa Walker ( SDS)
Tan Shihmay ( NUMed)
Yoav Tadmor ( PSY)

Outstanding Contribution to Innovation

Colin Brown ( ICaMB)
Eleanor Holmes ( SME)
Ellen Tullo ( BMS)
Kenneth McKeegan ( NUMed)

Outstanding Contribution to Pastoral Support

Amy Fielden ( PSY)
Dr Luisa Wakeling ( SDS)
Faye Horsley ( PSY)
Joanna Matthan ( SME)
Julie Fitzgerald ( SDS)
Kate Goodman ( NUMed)
Lindsey Ferrie ( BMS)
Michael Taggart ( IGM)
Michele Sweeney ( BMS)
Penny Lovat ( ICM)
Janice Ellis ( SDS)
John Whitworth ( SDS)
Sarah Jayne Boulton ( BMS)

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching (FMS)

Bruce Charlton ( PSY)
Chris O’Connor ( SDS)
Chris Ward ( ICM)
Clare Guilding ( SME)
Colin Brown ( ICaMB)
Daniel Nettle ( IoN)
Debra Patten ( SME)
Dr Luisa Wakeling ( SDS)
Dr Ralf Kist ( SDS)
Eimear Fagan ( SME)
Elizabeth Evans ( IHS)
Emma McAllister ( SME)
Felicity may ( NICR)
Iad Gharib ( SDS)
Ian Ellis ( SDS)
Jeffry Hogg ( IGM)
Laura Delgaty ( SME)
Liz Evans ( IHS )
Paul Hubbard ( SME)
Prof Steve McHanwell ( SDS)
Richard McQuade ( IoN)
Sarah Jayne Boulton ( BMS)
Simon Whitehall ( ICaMB)
Stephen McHanwell ( SME)
Yoav Tadmor ( PSY)

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching (Global Campus)

Tim Smith ( NUMed)
Amit Bhardwaj ( NUMed)
Angus Aranan ( NUMed)
Carlo Adrillana ( NUMed)
Dante Roel Fernandez ( NUMed)
Harinarayan Radhakrishna  ( NUMed)
Htar-Htar Aung ( NUMed)
Huai Seng Loh ( NUMed)
Imam Shaik ( NUMed)
Jhoram Funtanares-Nufable ( NUMed)
Kartini Mohd-Nor ( NUMed)
Kenneth McKeegan ( NUMed)
Mary Cronin ( NUMed)
Moe Kyawthu ( NUMed)
Ratnadeep Saha ( NUMed)
Roshan Mascaenhas ( NUMed)
Sarah Simmons ( NUMed)
Tayyaba Tahseen ( NUMed)
Valliammai Valliyappan ( NUMed)
Vivian Andayaverbo ( NUMed)

Postgraduate Student who Teaches of the Year

Jonathan Guckian ( SME)
Robert Kerr ( SME)

Professional Services Staff Member of the Year

Vanessa Armstrong ( BMS)

Research Supervisor of the Year

Evelyne Sernagor and Gerrit Hilgen ( IoN)
Farhad Kamali ( ICM)
Gabriele Jordan ( PSY)

Taught Supervisor of the Year

Bruce Charlton ( PSY)
Laura Delgaty ( SME)
Stuart Watson ( IoN)
Terry Aspray ( ICM)

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