Faculty work presented at ASME 2017

asme_logoWe’ve got a wide range of work being presented at ASME’s annual conference this year. Here’s a list, in no particular order, of what we’re showcasing via presentations, workshops and posters.  If your work has been missed off, let us know fms.educational.research@ncl.ac.uk.


Iain Keenan et al: Life Sciences in an integrated medical curriculum 6 Equality and Diversity in healthcare teaching: Supporting LGBT

Richard Thomson et al: Promoting resilience: latest fad or realistic educational target?

Laura Delgaty: If storytelling is central to human meaning, why, in the research world, is there not more storytelling?

Hugh Alberti et al: Facilitators and barriers to teaching undergraduate medical students in primary care: The GPs’ perspective.

Bryan Burford and Gill Vance et al: Evaluation of the educational impact of multiprofessional handover

Bryan Burford, Hugh Alberti, Susan Hrisos (IHS) , David Kennedy, Gill Vance: Active participation of ‘real-time’ patients in undergraduate medical education

Hugh Alberti: “Just a GP”: Active denigration of General Practice as a career choice.

Richard Thomson, Jane Stewart et al: Revolutionising feedback: an exploration of barriers and drivers to change

Laura Delgaty et al: A systematic review of qualitative research addressing learner and educator perceptions of valuable e-learning in
medical education

Hugh Alberti: Top Tips for GP Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Jane Stewart, Steve McHanwell et al: Creating and Evaluating the Impact of a Core Syllabus in Anatomy Education using a Delphi Methodology.

Richard Thomson, Jane Stewart et al: ‘Great idea’, ‘sounds scary’, I’m too busy’? Identifying the barriers in developing a staff peer observation programme

Charlotte Rothwell, Madeline Carter, Wayne Medford, Andrea Myers and Jan Illing: A Multinational Approach to Curriculum Design S Jones

Jan Illing, Charlotte Rothwell et al: A mixed-methods study to explore the system for assuring continuing fitness to practice of Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registrants


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