Faculty Publications Winter 2017

Congratulations to everyone in the Faculty who has published their research this quarter.

B Abdulmohsen, I Gharib, S McHanwell (2017).  Exploring active learning approaches to increasing student engagement through assessment and feedback”, HEA Transforming Assessment in Higher Education Case Study Series 2017- Enhancing student engagement through assessment. Case Study 12, Page 75-79. https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/knowledge-hub/transforming-assessment-higher-education.

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Bailie J, Delgaty L (2017), A systematic review of qualitative research addressing learner and educator perceptions of valuable e-learning in medical education.. AMEE.

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Moxham B, McHanwell S and Berkovitz B (2017).   The development of a core syllabus or oral anatomy, histology and embryology to dental students via an international Delphi panel.  Clinical Anatomy    https://doi.org/10.1002/ca.23002 .

Nazar H, Akhter N, Husband A (2017), Evaluation of a blended learning approach to teach pharmacy law. Pharmacy Education Symposium.

Nazar M, Husband A, Nazar H (2017), Medical education in the press: Read all about it!. Pharmacy Education Symposium.

Beat M. Riederer, Jean-Pierre Spinosa, Veronica Macchi, Andrea Porzionato, Raffaele De Caro, Stephen McHanwell and Bernard Moxham. (2018).   Clinically-Orientated Anatomy:  Five exemplars to portray the concept.  European Journal of Anatomy (in  press)

Rothwell C, Carter M, Medford W, Kehoe A, Illing J (2017), Newcastle University MBBS Curriculum Renewal 2017 Report for Newcastle Medical School.

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Young TJ, Tullo ES, Schartner A (2017), How transculturally appropriate is person-centred communication in the care people living with dementia? Perspectives of medical students in the UK and Malaysia.. The 67th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA 2017). URL https://www.icahdq.org/page/Conference





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