Welcome to the class of 2021 Newcastle Fine Art catalogue

This catalogue is a celebration of the 56 emerging artists of the 2021 Fine Art cohort. We hope to share the expansive practices that have grown through bizarre circumstances. From bedroom studios, dysfunctional zoom calls and a cross-continental community, we held onto the sense of family that has been formed across four years. Taking the situation in our stride, holding onto our art and one another, we’ve shown resilience through multiple lockdowns, adapting to work in unexpected and exciting ways

The catalogue includes texts from tutors and technicians who have helped nourish our work and a glimpse of each artist’s practice, spanning a wide range of mediums to be viewed alongside the Degree Show. This is in no way an endpoint, just a celebration of what we have been making in our final year, displaying a moment in time of something that is ever-growing.

Particular thanks to Catalogue Liason Nick Fox & Designer Jennifer Banfield and text contributors Jo Coupe, Christian Mieves, Chris Jones, Erika Servin, Joseph Sallis, Stephen Rowarth and Burnie Burns for your engaging texts in reflection of this graduating cohort. A special thanks to all the teaching staff in Newcastle Fine Art Department for making our time at Newcastle truly memorable and a life-affirming experience.

From the catalogue and Marketing teams on behalf of the cohort of 2021