i like to paint. pink. sometimes other colours. my paintings are expressive. angry. sometimes confessional. a bit commercial. sexy. very stinky. i paint for me. i do not paint for academia. especially tutors. you do not get to decide what belongs in fine art. you do not get to decide the value of my art. it’s okay if you don’t like my art. it’s not okay if you devalue or exclude my art because it doesn’t fit in your narrow-minded ideals of what fine art is. i like non-traditional art. non-traditional ways of making. and thinking. open-minded ideas. heavily influenced by graffiti. “vandalism”. fine art is overrated. middle-class white cubed spaces are overrated. academia is overrated. tradition is overrated. fuck your ‘fine’. make what you want. have fun. stay true to yourself. i hope my paintings embody all of this.

“gin and garlic sauce”

“fuck your ‘fine’ [1]”

“fuck your ‘fine’ [2]”