Emma Wiseman

My multidisciplinary practice explores the realms of sculpture, moving image, performance, collage and installation. These elements combine to create fantastical psychedelic landscapes, situated somewhere within the entanglement of reality and dreams. These environments exist as interactive and immersive mind massages, that hypnotise the audience through sensory seduction. Employing themes relating to imagination, play, philosophy, dreams, identity, the passing of time, mortality, reality and the body in the work allows me to create a space for the audience to pause, contemplate, and process these ideas, to help them navigate and appreciate this wonderfully strange existence we find ourselves in.

“Ear Oracle (Listen carefully. The ear has something to tell you!)”, Moving image, 02:55, 2020

Website 2 “Psychedelic Wizard”, self portrait, 2021

“Cheese Arch”, paper mache and expanding foam, 5 feet approx, 2021

“Who is it?”, collage, 2021



“You are a thinker, a looker, a listener, a smeller, a toucher, and a taster within this abstract sensory landscape”, collage, 2021