Final Report

At first I assumed building this website would be easy, sadly I was mistaken. It was a tricky thing to and took a lot of time to figure out how to complete specific tasks or how to get certain things to work. But all in all, I’ve definitely learnt a thing or two.

Building the Basic Structure

Constructing the layout and the basic functions was not as easy as I first expected. The first thing I did was try to add all the pages I needed. To do this, I checked the specification for exactly how many pages I needed. I found that I should have:

  •  A Home page
  • An About Me page
  • A reviews page
  • First Review
  • Second Review
  • A Report

I then had to figure out how to actually add these pages. It was straight forward adding the pages, my first real struggle came with being able to find them once I had created them. I could see them when editing but not when the site was running. I realised quickly that I needed to add menus so that people could navigate easily through the site.Let me just say, it was a nightmare. Once I added a menu they were all in the wrong order, then one would disappear and another would load. When I finally got it all sorted I then had to create a drop down for my two reviews. Compared to the rest of it this was relatively easy, I just had to add the two pages to the “parent page” which was the main review page.

Editing the Format

Once I had the skeleton of my website I decided it needed to look a little better. I chose a theme I liked and then had to re-edit my menu because after changing the style, the pages had re-arranged themselves.

The next problem I had was changing the header photos. It worked for a few of my pages but when I did the same thing, it didn’t work on other pages. This issue is still not 100% resolved however because of time constraints I chose to leave it as the content of my website was more important.

Adding Content

Actually writing the articles to go into my website was probably the easiest part of the whole coursework. It was also the most enjoyable because I got to research about things I had not considered before. The only set back I had was when I had to write about myself, it always seems to be the hardest thing to do but the easiest once you get started.


In conclusion, I did not enjoy using WordPress. It was temperamental and confusing, and really needs to expand on its helping section. I would not want to use WordPress again!