Instagram is a form of social media where people can post photos and share them either with friends and followers or with the whole world. Released in late 2010 (1) by Burbn Inc, the app was not available on Android until 2012.

How it works

Users create an account by creating a username and adding basic information such as their name, however if users are uncomfortable with that they can put in any name they choose. They also have to provide an email address to verify their account.

Once they are set up, users can start  following accounts. There are many different types of accounts:

  • Famous feeds
  • Art accounts
  • Humour accounts
  • Sports accounts

There is a different type of account for everyone’s needs. Once you’ve found an account you like, all you have to do is click the follow button. This means that all of you’re chosen account’s posts will show up on your feed. It is slightly different when you follow individuals, like a friend for example. You may have to request to follow them depending on their privacy settings.

Privacy Settings

When setting up your account, you can also set privacy settings. You can have your account set so that everyone can see all of your account and that they can follow you without question. You can also have your account set to private, this way people have to request to follow you, meaning they have to have your permission before they can see any of your posts.

Adding Photos

To start posting all you have to do is select an appropriate photo. You can then edit it while in Instagram, the app has pre-set filters that you can choose to make your photo look different. There are also sev

eral other editing options such as:

  • Adjusting the angles
  • Changing the brightness and contrast
  • Changing the structure
  • Fading the photo and adding colour
  • Highlighting and adding shadows
  • Sharpening photos

Once you’re happy with the way your photo looks, you can then add a caption. As well as adding a caption, you can also add a location and also tag people. If you tag someone in your photo it alerts the other person so they can also see the photo. It will also link to their account so they can find the photo they’re tagged in.

After all of this is done, you can then post your photo. It will go onto your feed and will allow others that follow you to see the photos. They can also like and comment on your posts. However you are always in control of the things people write on your posts.


Even though Instagram was set to be used for social media, it has now become a platform for businesses and for political figure

s to share ideas and products with the world. But it is still a great platform to show of your great photography skills or that great outfit you had on!