Cochrane Online Learning Modules go live!

by Patricia Aluko

The Cochrane learning and support department recently launched an updated version of the Online learning Modules (OLM) as an interactive learning process. The course provides over 10 hours of self-directed learning which is useful for both new and experienced review authors on conducting systematic reviews. There are nine modules which are divided into several sections/topics covered. The modules are designed for easy navigation and progress can be saved. The content of modules is presented in different formats including animations and audio recordings. Each completed module has an assessment to be completed with certificates issued.

One of the nine modules, introduction to health economics was co-written and compiled by two members of the Newcastle University Health Economics Group, Luke Vale and Patricia Aluko, alongside Ian Shemilt (EPPI-Centre, University College London) on behalf of the Campbell and Cochrane Economics Method Group (CCEMG). This module is designed for review authors and individuals interested in incorporating economic evidence into systematic reviews. This module has four topics covering:

  • Economic concepts relevant to Cochrane reviews
  • The importance and options for incorporating economic evidence and perspective into Cochrane reviews
  • Different types of economic evaluation
  • What to consider and include when writing a systematic review protocol to include economic evidence

Registration is necessary to take the course (click here for more information on registration). The health economics module can be accessed through the Cochrane interactive learning page.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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