Recording Wildlife Lockdown Assignment

First year field trips to learn about terrestrial habitat, soil, land use, and river surveys all cancelled because of Lockdown.
One of the replacement options was for students to become familiar with recording Wildlife during Lockdown. So using an app iNaturalist (to join in with City Nature Challenge) or iSpot if not so confident, or iRecord if feeling bold. Students had to aim for a minimum of 10 (recognising some may not have gardens or good outside space) new records and reflect on the process. Really hoping it will build their confidence to identify wildlife and love of wildlife and some of them might just get hooked. I’ll update when I come to mark.

I’m staying with my mum as she is elderly. Her lawn (pictured) has least yelllow sorrel, lesser trefoil, common stork’s-bill, self heal, common dog violet, cowslip, lesser celandine, ribwort plantain, mouse-ear hawkweed … just wondeful. I’m so proud that she hasn’t called in the heavies to spray weedkiller and fertiliser all over it. Just shows how species rich our lawns could be if we stopped trying.

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