Bioblitz at Benshaw: musings on the ‘old’ and the ‘new’

Very proud of our (Biodiversity) Conservation and Ecosystem Management alumnus, Natasha Helmsley for organising an excellent Bioblitz for Northumberland Wildlife Trust up on Benshaw Moss last Sunday. I can’t really take credit for her success as I was not DPD then. Natasha also has responsibility with Kielder Wildwood, I believe, replacing her BCEM peer, Steven…And between these two sites is Hareshaw Linn where Tash did her dissertation…And at the other end of the spectrum, Bridie – who got the credit for identifying all the species in the Molinia flush – will be starting with us next week. Really looking forward to it, Bridie and everyone else.
Thanks for the chocs, btw, Tash – I was disproportionately pleased with them, you’ll go far if you give your volunteer helpers such treats!

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