Re-assigning Administrator permissions on filestores

You may be aware that if you remove the Administrator permissions from your home folder (or any other shared folder) this will cause all sorts of problems as well as prevent backups being taken. Therefore it is strongly advised not to do this.
Who has access to my filestore?

To re-assign administrator permissions start by opening COMPUTER (or MY COMPUTER if using windows XP) and type the path of the share you want to fix. If you are unsure what the path is then use cmdinfo to find out.

My home folder is on tower 1 and home 01 therefore I shall type \\tower1\home01 and I should only be able to see folders I have permission on.

Right click on your folder and select properties. Then select the security tab.

You may notice tower1\administrators is not there as it should be so click the Add button.

Type towerX\administrators

Tick the full control box to allow full control to towerX\administrators then click apply

Click OK. All child folders and files should now have the administrator permission.

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