Free ebook: Security and Privacy for Office 2010 Users

Responsibility for data security has to be shared among all the members of an organisation. We always have security in mind whenever we put services into production, and the hope is that we build things in such a way that end users only need to apply common sense to avoid breaches.

Having said that, it’s not possible to be too aware of the issues around security and privacy, so it’s not a bad idea for people to read this ebook by prolific author Mitch Tulloch. It’s aimed at the group of people that Microsoft calls “Information Workers”, but what that really means in this instance is any user of Microsoft Office or Office 365.

  • Get practical, proactive guidance for using the security and privacy management features in Office 2010 and Office 365
  • Walk through everyday scenarios, and discover everyday techniques that help you take charge
  • Understand common risks and learn best practices you can apply right away

You can see more details at the O’Reilly site, or just go and grab the free PDF fromĀ

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