Must have Powershell snippets

Over the last few months my colleague Jon has been providing me with some very useful Powershell snippets which I thought I’d share. A number of them require the Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory

Display Group memberships for a user.

(Get-QADUser username).MemberOf

Display the members of an Active Directory Group

Get-QADGroupMember "Groupname" | ft name,displayname -a

Bulk remove machine from Windows DNS

The text file contains a list on NetBios machine names.

gc computers.txt | %{dnscmd dnsservername /RecordDelete "$_" A}

Recuse through a Directory Structure and delete all file with a Creation date > 90 days.

The text file contains a list of UNC paths.

GC filecontainingpaths.txt | %{dir $_ -recurse | ?{!$_.psiscontainer -and $_.creationtime -lt ((get-date).adddays(-90))} | del -whatif}

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I am an Infrastructure Systems Administrator in the Infrastructure Systems Group (ISG) within ISS. We are responsible for a number of the core services which support the IT Infrastructure of the University including Active Directory, Exchange, DNS, Central Filestore, VMware and SQL. I hold number of current Microsoft Certifications and am also a Symantec Certified Specialist (Netbackup)

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