The International Society for the Linguistics of English is proud to offer a limited number of partial bursaries for Postgraduate Students / Early Career Researchers who wish to attend the Summer School in person.

Applications from non-faculty scholars who have already earned their PhD are accepted; however, please note that priority will be given to those who have not yet earned their PhD.

Furthermore, ISLE is conscious that some groups are significantly underrepresented in English linguistics and it would enrich those fields as well as society to remedy such imbalances. As such, we will hold matters of diversity, inclusion, and access at the forefront of our selection process.

The bursary consists of a fixed sum to partly cover the tuition fee, travel cost and accommodation. If you are selected to receive a bursary, we will request that ISLE process the payment upon supply of valid receipts and banking details to the ISLE treasurer at treasurer@isle-linguistics.org.

Details of how to apply, which documents to provide and where to send them are all provided in the ISLE Bursary information sheet, which can be downloaded below.