What Leading Edge participants have to say

For our British Science Festival exhibit we decided to create a short documentary about the participants of Leading Edge: Taking the Lead 2013. During our final celebration held on 3rd July 2013 each team were interviewed about their Leading Edge experience. While on campus preparing the posters for the exhibition we also took the chance to ask the Teachers from the participating schools similar questions. So sit back, click on the link above and enjoy this web friendly version of our Leading Edge video listening to what the school students and teachers had to say.



Communication Workshop

The communication workshop partners with Gibber to help improve the pupil’s communication and presentation skills. These skills are a vital part of the Leading Edge and scientific research in general, as they enable pupils to clearly and confidently put across their research findings. They can also take these new skills back into the classroom to help their development and progress within their school work.

Gibber’s focus is on development through drama, they aim to connect and inspire young people using a combination of live drama, multimedia, humour, music and popular culture. Therefore the session is very interactive. Pupils watch a short production to kick off the session. The purpose of this performance is to demonstrate to the

pupils the importance of good communication skills and what can go wrong when communication is crossed. They then split off into smaller groups and take part in activities which demonstrate techniques to help them start to feel confident and prepared to present to large groups.


The workshop pushes the pupils to the edge of their comfort zone enabling them to improve their self-assurance and to learn new skills which will help them deliver a clear, concise and confident presentation at the Finale that they will be proud of.