Week 2 – Monday

Week 2 got off to a great start as the team powered ahead in both trenches. The weather was a bit cooler which made everyone happy!


It's not all hard work on site! © The Lufton Project

Cubby and Dave explored a ditch with no dating evidence as of yet while El investigated some post holes and an ash-filled pit. Georgia and Johanna started on the Iron Age ditch to the south of trench B – which runs through to trench C – and recovered some flint and pottery.

Meanwhile, over in trench C, Lucy continued excavating her complicated Iron Age ditch with James our new volunteer. They uncovered  a piece of Black Burnished Ware jar which James G dated to the 1st century AD (An Exeter Type 12.3 to be exact). Its perforated base might suggest the production of cheese or beer. Danni started on a new linear features in which she found a Roman pie dish rim and some Iron Age pottery.


Lucy and her big piece of Black Burnished Ware © The Lufton Project

There was also lots of recording going on today. The more we dig the more paperwork is generated!

Can’t wait to see what this week brings!

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