Week 2 – Tuesday

It finally rained last night!

The team started off by trowelling back the whole of trench B in order to uncover any features lost in the baked clay, and for Andy to take a site photo. Everyone got stuck in and got the whole thing cleared up in a couple of hours…


The team trowelling back first thing this morning ©The Lufton Project

After a well-deserved tea break, it was back to the archaeology – Georgia and Johanna finished off their Iron Age ditch and had to adopt some interesting excavating techniques to clear up the edges…El kept digging her ashy feature and did some recording with Pete, whilst Cubby and Dave got started on another modern ditch.


Georgia adopting the 'Johanna' way of excavating© The Lufton Project

Over in trench C, Danni found a post hole at the end of what we now think is a beam slot! Lucy and James finished digging their feature and found five more big sherds of pottery in the section. Much to Lucy’s dismay she had to record the whole feature before being able to remove the sherds tomorrow.


Danni's beam slot and post hole to the south of trench C ©The Lufton Project

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