Week 2 – Wednesday

What a day!

Trench B produced its first substantial dating evidence in Cubby and Dave’s ditch to the north-west. The guys uncovered a number of Roman Grey Ware sherds in a concentrated area of their feature and are currently trying to determine if they come from their ditch or a feature cut in to the ditch. Johanna drew the longest section to date – stretching the whole 15m of trench B. Meanwhile, El furthered her quest to find meaning in ash-filled charcoally pits, to no avail.


Mary from SSARG recording a ditch © The Lufton Project

Pete discovered that the gully that he was excavating was earlier than the southern ditch whilst Mary and Peter worked with Andy digging in the western end of trench B.

Cubby and Pete also had a go at sieving clay which is almost as  much fun as sieving clay with finds in!


Cubby sieving some clay © The Lufton Project

Over in trench C, the team tried to get started on some new features but were defeated by the baked clay and spent the day recording yesterday’s archaeology and drawing a section across the southern ditch which had been excavated earlier.

Lucy and James finished excavating their ditch in the northern end of trench C and removed large pots (at least 2 vessels) and found one of them to be perforated like yesterday’s finds, reinforcing the assumption that there might have been cheese or beer production in the settlement.


Lucy and James' Iron Age pot © The Lufton Project


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