Thank You!

Another season of excavation draws to a close and it’s out great pleasure to record our thanks to the many individuals and institutions that make this project a success.

Many thanks to Maggie and Colin – our kind, tolerant and patient hosts – and their neighbours in Lufton who have welcomed our eccentric circus for the last three weeks.

Liz and Graham from Brympton Parish Council have been stalwart supporters for many years. We’re very grateful to them and to the Parish Council for their moral and financial support.

The South Somerset Archaeological Research Group have supported us with equipment and other kinds of assistance. We’re very grateful to them for all their help.

Mike Grinter and his digger, Brandon Hire and their portaloos also helped make this season a success. Asda provided rest and relaxation for many of the team, as did the Mason’s Arms in Odcombe.

The Western Gazette were also great – their help in publicising the excavation is much appreciated.

Finally, my own thanks go to Andew Agate, the rest of the team and everyone working behind the scenes in Newcastle. Without your input this season wouldn’t have happened.

Stay tuned for occasional updates on the post-excavation analysis!.


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