The Newcastle Digging Team 2014

Seeing as it has come to the end of our excavations it seems appropriate to report what have been highlights for our student digging team.


“I enjoyed the responsibility of being a supervisor over the last 3weeks the close connection between the uni digging team and SSARG members. I also really living with the numerous cats on the camp site”.

James SA
1st Year
“Working as part of a great team, deepening my archaeological knowledge and eating outdoors for 3 weeks”.

1st year
“I enjoyed shovelling, local ale particularly at The Masons Arms. Another highlight was the sumo wrestling with Janes SA at the pub.”

1st Year
“It was nice to have the opportunity to do other activities on site such as taking levels. I really enjoyed being part of a small team as well”.

1st Year
“It was nice to break up the digging by going on trips to places like Lullworth Cove. I also enjoyed seeing the archaeological process from beginning to end. It was lovely to see some kittens at the cattery on our campsite”.

1st Year
“I loved meeting some of the local characters. It was a good experience learning to dig and plan features”.

1st Year
“I enjoyed the challenged of excavating a complex archaeological site and of course winning the open mic night at The Mason’s arms in Lower Odcombe”.

1st Year
“I thought the entire dig was a really good experience and it was great to be part of a really friendly team”.

2nd year
“I really enjoyed working on this site with a fantastic bunch of people and keeping people up to date with what we are doing on site via the blog”.

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