Our biggest trench ever

A visitor to our site today asked James G whether we were archaeologists or installing a gas pipe. The confusion is due to our new bigger and better trench. It’s 100m long and 4m wide.

The landowner came over to see what we’ve been up to and gave his blessing (many thanks!) to the new, enlarged trench, Most of the work so far has been due to Mike Grinter and his digger, which has been working flat out.

It’s early days but archaeological features are showing up (some where the geophysics say they should be, others don’t appear on the magnetometry).


One feature in particular contained a large and fresh fragment from a Roman jar and Andy began excavating a narrow ditch. This ditch we think might have been part of an enclosure around the villa and is an interesting feature. It’s got a number of fills, one of which is very charcoal rich and another contains sherds of a slightly micaceous greyware Roman period jar.



Chris, Hayley and James H continued trowelling, this time defining a large ‘blob’, which might be a number of intercutting features.

An excellent day with lots achieved and lots to do tomorrow.


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