“Look at the size of that thing!”

Our efforts today began by tackling one of the larger features on the site, which stretched from one side of the trench to the other. We took a section across the feature, split into teams of two: Hayley and Chris, and James and James H – working from either end of the section towards the middle.

It quickly became clear that the feature is more complex than anticipated – it currently seems that there are approximately three intercutting features. James and James H are currently working on a possible track way, with various pottery finds and small amounts of worked flint. Hayley and Chris have had great success excavating a rather deep ditch with a complex series of fills and multiple pottery and iron finds!


It dawned on us today the size of our excavation – the trench measures 100m x 4m. With reinforcements arriving on Saturday and help from our friends from SSARG, we will take it in our stride!


Finally! We had a special visitor on site for the first time this season – Woofton spent the day supervising the team!


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