Paddling with the Romans

Today was another scorcher on site but our team battled through the heat and sun to do some great work!

The day kicked off with Elliot and Tom finishing off Elliot’s work from yesterday, cleaning up the robber trench before recording it and taking some levels.

Meanwhile, Matt, Jeff, James, Becca and Pete were working with Andy to remove the top layer clay from Room 4, revealing the sandy, mortar-filled context beneath (and also finding some great pottery sherds along the way!)


Hayley was working with Lucy today, investigating what could perhaps be a Roman oven – skillfully identifying colour change around the cut feature.


This ‘oven’ feature produced an interesting sherd of burnt BB! yesterday (below)


On the north side of the trench, James G took charge of Josh, Freddie, Tom and Sue in trying to see where the heated apsidal room leads and found another wall of the villa wall in the process.


At the end of the day the team were incredibly surprised to see that Maggie had bought us all a paddling pool to help us cool off at the end of a hot day’s work – thanks again to Maggie for the gift!

The team all enjoyed a dinner of fajitas prepared by Tilly and Frankie before settling in for the evening.

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