Group Members

Group Leader

Matthew N. Hopkinson

Matt grew up in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire and studied chemistry at the University of Oxford. Having completed a Masters project under the supervision of Prof. Véronique Gouverneur, he stayed in the group for a PhD, graduating in 2011. During this time, he worked on the development of new reaction methods for organic synthesis, focusing on gold-catalysed coupling reactions and radiofluorination chemistry for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging. His PhD work was funded through a CASE award from GlaxoSmithKline and he spent time at their Clinical Imaging Centre (CIC) radiochemistry facility at Hammersmith Hospital in London. In 2012, Matt moved to Germany as a Postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Frank Glorius at the WWU Münster. His research there was funded by scholarship from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation and focused on transition metal- and photocatalysis, specialising in methodology development using visible light as an energy source. In 2016, Matt started his independent career as a Junior Professor at the Freie Universität Berlin, setting up a research programme centred on the fields of organofluorine chemistry, organocatalysis and photochemistry. In November 2021, Matt moved back to the UK to take up the position of Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at Newcastle University.

PhD Students

Andreas Mavroskoufis

Arushi Garg

Michael Jakob

Lilian Maas

Alex Haswell

Haoyue Wang


Newcastle Alumni:

Caitlin StorryMaster Student (MChem)01-05/2023
Rory HughesMaster Student (MChem)01-05/2023
Haoyue WangMaster Student (MSc)06-08/2022
Nils GerwienVisiting Student (Erasmus+)05-07/2022
Alex HaswellMaster Student (MChem)01-05/2022
Will AllewellMaster Student (MChem) 01-05/2022

FU Berlin Alumni:

Nick BechlerBachelor Student04-06/2023
Matteo TironiPhD Student10/2019-01/2023
Armin AriamajdStudent Assistant08/2019-12/2021
Stefan DixPhD Student03/2017-10/2021
Marius GöbelBachelor Student (Lehramt)10/2020-09/2021
André Faria VieiraBachelor Student09/2020-08/2021
Nils GerwienMaster Student02-08/2021
Arielle RieckMaster Student03/2020-02/2021
Nils Gerwien Student Assistant08/2019-01/2021
Sabrina KleynemeyerBachelor Student05-11/2020
Deniz MeyerResearch Intern07-10/2020
Kevin BergemannBachelor Student (Lehramt)03-10/2020
Arielle Rieck Research Intern10/2019-02/2020
Talha SahinBachelor Student (Lehramt)11/2019-01/2020
Jonas SchmidResearch Intern07-09/2019
Nils Gerwien Bachelor Student04-05/2019
Arush AgrawalMaster Student10/2018-04/2019
Benjamin SchwabeVisiting Student01-03/2019
Anastasia CarranoBachelor Student08-09/2018
Keerthana RajesMaster Student03-09/2018
Paul GolzResearch Intern01-03/2018
Henry SimmonsErasmus Visiting Student
(Durham University, UK)
Leonardo KleebauerResearch Intern08-12/2017
Keerthana Rajes Research Intern03-05/2017
Leonardo Kleebauer Bachelor Student 01-03/2017